An Introduction

Welcome to my blog!

This is something I’ve always thought about doing, but have never been willing to publicly admit that I’m a narcissist. Luckily, I’m way past that now.

So what’s this blog about? That was my hang-up for years. I used to want to blog persuasively: Discuss issues and advocate positions and such. This idea never gained much traction, partly because there’s so many soap-box blogs that I would just add to the noise. (Adding to the noise happens to be a strength of mine, but my fiancée says it’s annoying.) The only real product of my preaching would be published opinions that would reverberate my stupidity into digital eternity.

Instead, I want this blog to be simple declarations of beauty. Beauty could mean anything: I want to share things that strike and move me from film, literature, art, life, conversations, nature. And because I think I’m better than you, many of these posts will look at something that’s not readily obvious. Or they’ll highlight a work that’s worth checking out. I’m so mired in English-major nerdery that this actually sounds really cool to me. Hopefully it won’t be as awful as you’re probably thinking it will be. Some posts will also just be appreciative: posting a link or a passage with minimal comment. The link at the end of this post is one example of that.

There’s a lot of things I’m hoping to get out of this blog. In the best case scenario I will become an instant internet sensation and sign a lucrative book deal (here’s looking at you, HarperCollins). If that falls through, I’ll still enjoy every part of this blog. I really like writing but rarely have the opportunity to do so; that is, writing for somebody else. If you write and never let anyone see your work then you’re weird and lonely. If you write, publish your work, and nobody reads it, then you have an over-inflated sense of self-worth. But at least you’re not weird and lonely.

Incentive to write more often is one thing, but I also want to be inspired to read more, watch more movies, and learn to see the beauty that surrounds me everyday. This blog will be a sheer pleasure for me, even if my perception of dedicated readers is a crazy delusion. And finally, dear, dedicated readers, I hope to make your day a little better. There’s so much snark and outrage on the interwebs that it’s easy to be trapped in a state of perpetual angry cynicism. If this can be a break, however short, from that mood then the blog will be worth it.

I’m going to try and post once a week. Mondays probably. Who knows, though? I have no idea what this thing will become. For this first post, though, since most of it was a grand introduction, I’ll post a video that’s beautiful, short, and sweet. Like my fiancée. (Oh hey girl.)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Animated Picture. As my friend and future M.Ed classmate posted on The Facebook, “I never thought that anything could describe the way I feel about reading and books, but this is all of that and more.” I’ll leave it at that, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Please leave your comments below on this and any future blog posts. It’s embarrassing how much my self-worth is tied to feedback on social media.

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2 Responses to An Introduction

  1. Wink says:

    i guess keeping a journal is just proto-blogging for the weird and lonely. on the plus-side their (our) (my) self-worth is not tied to feedback from The Facebook. so i feel somewhat better about myself already, at 7:51 in the morning. thanks.

  2. Libbie says:

    Ok, so here’s the poop. I hate reading blogs. Heck, I really don’t even understand what a BLOG is . . . I’m too old. HOWEVER, my friend – and former child that I babysat, I can hardly wait to dive into yours. I am incredibly irritated, however, that at this very moment I have to get off the computer, (step away, slowly, step away . . .) since I have been pouring over about a gazzilian (Dan loves when I use that number. Gazillian.) emails for the past two hours that have been patiently waiting for me for about a . . . wait for it . . . gazillian years. So, Mase, I’ll meet up with you again tonight, most likely way to late to understand or appreciate a single word you have written. Remember, I’m old. Ta-ta.

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