For the Love of Things

Brief post today, more of an addendum to last week’s entry. After discussing online auctions and Citizen Kane, I mentioned a little bit about how important Objects are to us, and how others can very rarely enter into this relationship between us and our things.

Well, it just so happens that my two favorite radio-storytelling programs aired episodes on objects recently. This American Life aired a haunted house mystery that turns into reflections on Things, called “House on Loon Lake.” The author’s Mom signals the act break by philosophizing on what came before, and adding context to the stories that follow.

Speaking about an abandoned home, she mourns for the corpse-like objects, uncared for and abandoned. “It’s all very melancholy,” she says. “Objects have lives. They are witness to things.” The episode centers on how these things transfix us, how they tell stories, and how useless items become priceless in the right hands.

Radiolab continues the theme with an episode titled, appropriately enough, “Things.” Here they dive into the science of our strange connection with objects, told primarily through stories.

As with all episodes produced by these programs, I highly recommend you take a listen. Especially if you have time in the car, need background noise during chores, or something to fall asleep to.

Sorry for the brief post today, I finally put up an About Me page. (Partly because it took two months for me to finally figure out what this blog is.) It’s hiding right below the pretty picture at the top of the blog. Thanks for tuning in!

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One Response to For the Love of Things

  1. sirwink says:

    the aura of things … You’re getting at one of the mysteries and motivations of photography and visual art, for one thing … not to mention the greatest mystery of all … being, existence, thingness … great stuff and i look forward to Ira Glass explaining it all to me.

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