My Dog and Me

IMG_0594This dog is GOB & he has been sprawled like this for maybe an hour & would do it for seven hours more if I didn’t ruin it all by having things to do & sometimes he is asleep & I feel his deep even breathing & the soft twitches letting me know my dog is dreaming about the things dogs dream about but sometimes he is not asleep & he is just here on my lap & sometimes he’ll move slightly as if to ask “did you know we are still snuggling?” & I will answer by petting him behind the ears because that is where he is softest or letting my hand disappear inside the scruff around his neck because that is where he is scruffiest & I understand my dog because sometimes I too need to collapse into someone & stay there for hours & be allowed to sleep or not sleep & just know that someone is there & to feel that someone is there & maybe once in a while ask “do you know I am here?” & have them remind me gently that I am not forgotten.


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