About Me

I don’t know what exactly qualifies me to have this blog, but luckily WordPress didn’t ask for a resume when I started, and I’m not asking any questions.

This blog is therapy. My name is Mason Gauch and I’m a recovering English Major. Four years of essays and three-books-a-week and editing and organization (all good things) somehow stripped the joy from art for me. Enter this sloppy mess I call a blog.

Art is supposed to be personal, I don’t know why Academia insists it to be a 3rd-person experience. It should focus on how it makes me feel, the ways it makes me think.

This blog, as many of you may notice, eschews every rule of composition. It’s defined by tangent more than thesis, it lives mostly in the 1st person, it leaves minor points unproven, begins sentences with conjunctions, and so on. Thing is, that’s freeing for me. I love reconnecting with art on a very personal level. It’s returning to the roots of why I entered this silly, jobless major in the first place.

Hopefully in the process, you can learn about books and movies you might otherwise not come across, or think about classics in new lights, or connect to art in new ways. Art is what excites me the most (and what steals all my money), if I can share this passion to others then I’ll be one happy dude.

So thank you for reading this, and for the positive comments many of you have sent my way. I look forward to these posts every week and am so blessed that anyone would care to read my ramblings.



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